Sex Drive By Susan Lyons

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Sex Drive By Susan Lyons
Theresa is the oldest of the Fallon sisters and she's also the overachiever. She's devoted to making the public aware of the prejudices against natives of various countries and feels that Damien's doing a disservice to the Aboriginal Australians by not addressing the prejudices his protagonist faces as a native Australian. Sparks certainly fly between Theresa and Damien - both sexually and mentally and I was extremely anxious to discover if they have a future together or if they're simply too different. One of the things I found intriguing about this book is Theresa's relationships with her sisters. It's obvious that all the women are very different and it's those distinct personalities and individual natures that will make reading about the rest of the `three pack plus one' a not to be missed experience. Ms. Lyons' gives readers characters you can relate to, genuine emotional context and undeniable passion wrapped up in a compelling storyline that leaves you eagerly anticipating her next release.

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